The Secret of Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom is a well-known post processing tool that offers several features such as RAW and JPEG conversions, application of presets, video and image presentation and image management services. The program is also an effective tool in helping most professional photographers save a lot of time.

In this article, we will talk about the secrets of Lightroom and its presets. Moreover, we will teach you some basic tips on how to organize, manage, import and export, remove blemishes and modify images using Lightroom presets. This tutorial will also teach you how to create and update amazing Lightroom presets.


What are Lightroom presets and why we should use them on our images?

Modifying the image settings in Lightroom is very easy and simple. Adobe system has designed the program with a very smooth and fast photographer-oriented interface workflow so that users (amateurs and professional photographers) will not have a hard time using the program. However, with such a huge amount of features and services, the program has its own disadvantages too, but the best thing about the company is that they continue to release a well-improved and effective product update to make the editing process of their users enjoyable as possible.

Basically, Lightroom presets contain several editing adjustments which you can modify anytime to suit in the theme and style of your images. Presets are similar to filtered images that we often see in most social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, however, presets are modifiable and reusable and can be applied to one or more and even thousands of images in just a few clicks. You can either create a good black or white, sepia, HDR, vintage and viginette presets for your images. However, if you don’t have sufficient time to create your own presets, you can always download the best collection of Sleeklens lightroom presets for portraits.


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