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How to Choose the Best Web Host Provider for WordPress

W2If you  want to create a new WordPress site, but unhappy with the services and speed of your current web hosting provider, the best way to do is to change and choose the best hosting service to your site. It’s very confusing to choose the best since there are a lot of web hosting providers out there. Make sure to consider things such as their services and features that will help you in your hosting needs.

Most web hosting companies provides cheaper shared hosting plans. For as low as $3, you can enjoy services such as unlimited bandwidth and disc space, RAM, domain and more. That is the reason why beginners and professionals consider it as the most reliable and cost-efficient web hosting solution. However, most of the shared hosting plans does not contain any WordPress updates, storage backups and additional RAM storage which is very significant in hosting professional websites. In order to have a smooth sailing site, you need to choose a hosting provider that offers personal back-up services, upgrade plan and larger storage. Hostgator, Bluehost, InMotion are examples of web hosting companies which offers special features and services.

For starters who are still not familiar with WordPress, it is the most well-known platform for blogs and websites and there are certain hosting providers which specialize in managing it. These hosting companies provide services that manage and support WordPress since it needs back-ups and upgrades. In addition, WordPress hosting is expensive compared to shared-hosting since it cost around $15-250 above.

So, if you expect hundreds and thousands of website visitors a month, you might want to consider signing up a dedicated server hosting plans as it also provides WordPress services. Dedicated hosting is pricy but worth it. However, if you want to read more reviews and detailed information, read over at digitalmonki. If you want professional guidance, consult an IT expert regarding your hosting concerns and needs.